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Kim Thayil at his own photo shop

Kim Thayil … photo by Roy Berkovich 


the last week of september is sea otter awareness weekwhere most marine mammals rely on a layer of insulating blubber to keep warm in the water, sea otters make use of their thick fur coat. in fact, their fur is so thick and soft that for centuries humans have hunted the animal.  by 1929, they had been virtually eradicated from alaska to california, and while sea otter populations are making a remarkable comeback in british columbia, they remain an endangered species today.

photos by tom and pat leeson (peekaboo otter), veronica craft (vogue otter), hal beral (sleepy eyes otter), brian maxwell (cuddling albino otter), jeff foot (super excited screaming otter), matt maran (shouting otter), joe robertson (holding hands otters) and suzi eszterhas (happy otter)

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Sleepy time


'Invisibility cloak' uses lenses to bend light

A device called the Rochester Cloak uses an array of lenses to bend light, effectively rendering what is on the other side invisible to the eye.
One of the problems with the cloaking devices developed to date — and it’s a big one — is that they really only work if both the viewer and whatever is being cloaked remain still. This, of course, is not entirely practical, but a difficult problem to solve. For the first time, researchers have made a cloaking device that works multidirectionally in three dimensions — using no specialised equipment, but four standard lenses.

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Sooo cool.

Empire of Rock | National Geographic

If I had a bucket list, this place would be on it!

Bleed The Freak - Live

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